Uplifting the community.









We are always there for the community.

Who We Are



Tasek Jurong Limited, a charity with IPC status, aims to uplift those among us with disadvantage and to develop circles of mutual support in the community. 

We do so by helping individuals to develop themselves, from young and through second chances in life, and to strengthen belief in their own worth by contributing to others.


Our Programmes:   

We run carefully crafted programmes, from intensive engagement of the young – from early childhood to tertiary years – to helping ex-inmates to rebuild their lives.


Our Values:  

Our core values centre on empathy and respect for people facing disadvantages, and gaining their trust.

Come join us

We need volunteers to help out at our activities and programs.


We organize football, music, and dance programmes for the Youth-at-risk.

Our impact
Building the foundations of positive character development.
Our partners