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Beacon of Life (BOL)

BOL is a unique ex-inmate led programme that provides all-around support to those who have been to a drug rehabilitation centre (DRC) or prison. With continual guidance from our BOL mentors, our members form circles of support where their life stories, and experiences overcoming adversity, become inspirational to everyone. Our BOL mentors also help our members to develop important skill sets such as financial literacy, goal setting and relationship management for their personal and professional development.


BOL provides funding to our members for further education and skills upgrading. Also, BOL collaborates with external organisations to seek relevant and meaningful job opportunities for our members. Driven by the strong compassionate belief that helping others is the way to finding one’s self, BOL aims to walk the journey with members from institutional release to a place of strength where they empower others in the community to do their best.


BOL is open to all persons previously incarcerated.