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Tasek Wanderers

Tasek Wanderers is a holistic developmental programme that provides different platforms for engaging children and youth meaningfully. Wanderers (or Wonderers, as some would say) get to participate in outdoor camps, progressive round island cycling trips, orienteering & amazing races, fitness boot camps, sea expedition and much more.


Besides having fun and being physically active together, Wanderers have a strong sense of environmental awareness. For example, the Leave No Trace principles are consciously applied throughout excursions. Some of these principles include respecting wildlife and disposing of waste properly. These activities also serve as a social platform for our older youth Wanderers to develop their leadership skills. Besides taking part in the activities, our older youth Wanderers plan and facilitate them with guidance from mentors.


Mentorship is an integral part of the programme. With the guidance of mentors, our Wanderers are given the support for them to further explore their passion and develop various life skills.


If you are between the ages of 7 and 25 years old, join us as a Tasek Wanderer!