“Tasek Jurong Logo Competition” Terms & Conditions

     All entries submitted must be original works of the person(s) submitting the entries and not based on any pre-existing design.

     The design shall not in any way infringe any third party’s right, including but not limited to the copyright, logos, trademark, or other proprietary rights.

     The design shall not in any way infringe any laws and legislation, and must not be offensive in any nature, whether perceived by the general public, or a certain demographic group or segment of society

     All submitted entries will be retained by Tasek Jurong and will not be returned to the participants.

     Tasek Jurong shall reserve the rights to use the names, artwork and/or photographs of the Contestants as materials for the purposes of advertising, placement on products, trade and/or publicity, without any prior notice to the Contestants. The Contestants shall not be entitled to claim ownership or other forms of compensation on the materials.

     Tasek Jurong reserves the rights to use the participants’ logo for any occasion or materials deemed necessary without prior notice. The winning logo chosen will be the sole property of Tasek Jurong.

     The winner of the competition will be required to sign any necessary documents to transfer ownership and copyright of the design to Tasek Jurong.

     Tasek Jurong reserves the rights to modify the awarded design.

      The decision is final and no further correspondence will be entertained.