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We run a variety of programmes to support our beneficiaries.

Beacon Of Life (BOL)

A peer-support group that inspired the beginnings of Tasek Jurong, Beacon Of Life is a unique ex-inmate led programme – that aims to be a 360 degree support to those who have been to DRC or prison.  Our Beacon of Life Team meets its members every week and works to create a system of mutual support, so critical to the morale of ex-inmates and their families. We also provide funding to members for further education and skills upgrading, as well as connecting to job opportunities. It is also a mentorship programmes for ex-inmates.  Help (in funding and educational support) is also extended to family member of ex-inmates who are often in great need when the breadwinner is imprisoned. Beacon of Life is driven by the belief that helping others is the way to finding oneself, and we aim to walk the journey with ex-inmates from release from prison to finding strength and ability to help others.i

Beacon of Life Academy (BOLA)

Beacon of Life Academy aims to provide a positive platform for youth through coaching and mentoring. We conduct weekly football training sessions for both boys and girls, to build their physical and mental resilience, and their leadership skills.  We see our training sessions as an opportunity for youth to make friends and strengthen their ties in the community, while having our mentors present at training and keeping track of the progress of the youth.

Children and Youth Activities (CYAC) 

A holistic programme to develop youngsters into confident and resilient individuals.  Through hands on art and junior camps, with beneficiaries taking on responsibility, the CYAC programme aims to provide a positive platform for members to see their own strengths and from which to grow, learn and explore through various activities.  Our team try to be positive role models and guide the younger ones along their different stages in life.

Academic Coaching

We believe that the disadvantaged must not be left behind in terms of access to quality academic help.  Our academic coaching program is an ambitious  free in-house tuition program catering to our Primary 1 to Secondary 4 beneficiaries every day.  Apart from the tutors we engage, we also have our team mentors on site to interact with beneficiaries before and after lessons.  We believe that in the long run, education is the one of the most important ways to equip and uplift our beneficiaries.


Dance / Percussion

Gift of Music (“GOM”) is a percussion group we organise for children and youth in the community, from 6 to 15 years old, who are given the opportunity to learn music and also play Brazilian musical instruments. Its mission is to provide equality in arts learning opportunities for all, and especially to further exposure to music to the young and youth who can develop self-expression and find joy and companionship through music playing in groups.


A weekly community-based playgroup session, for parents or main caregivers and their toddlers, aged 1 to 3 years old. These sessions are based on the Supported Playgroups concept and help parents and caregivers to build up skills in child development and parent-child bonding through evidence-based curricula of structured and purposeful play. Being part of a structured course that we are contracted by Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) to carry out, the engagement involves our KidSTART team at Tasek Jurong paying close attention to the many facets of a healthy home for infants and facilitating their development within families – which are informed by research in early learning theories and studies. In early November 2020, we entered into a new arrangement with ECDA to continue our programmes for early childhood development as a Kidstart Agency under their enhanced framework.

Gift of Reading

Gift of Reading has been run by our volunteers for more than a decade and as a programme of Tasek Jurong, we believe that when a child discovers the joy of reading, the “gift” that comes from that realisation will produce endless gains in self-reinforcing the love of reading. And the young reader will spread that love to others. While simple in activity, Gift of Reading holds storytelling lessons, group discussion and drama sessions for kids between 4 to 6 years old: the benefits are long term from the love for reading and learning for the child and family, as parents have consistently fed back.

Gift of Reading +

This programme aims to help primary 1-2 beneficiaries transit smoothly from Pre-school to Primary School. This will continue the spirit of Gift of Reading which emphasises Fun in Learning, and also focuses on developing language skills in young beneficiaries through discussion and learning outside classroom environments.